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Book Your Guests With HAWAH… As Colombia experts, we have designed our private Colombia tours to capture the best of the country’s vibrant culture and the most beautiful landscapes.

Our knowledgeable experts are ready to open the doors to the newest and trendiest hotels and destinations, ensuring you arrive in style… all available at a moment’s notice. Our collection of preferred luxury hotel partners provide some of the most competitive rates, with great perks including upgrades, spa treatments and room credits. 

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Our guides will take your guests to unique local restaurants that offer boutique gastronomic experiences. Taste the local cuisine from each region as well as world-class dining from international chefs.

Hotels & Lodging

Leading the charge are exclusive hotel chains, such as Sofitel, Hyatt, Hilton and JW Marriott, and all the comfort your guests expect. HAWAH also specializes in small boutique hotels, on the other hand, offer a more specialized experience with fewer, more personalized rooms.

Arts & Culture

From the Gold Museum in Bogota to The Old Colonial Fort city of Cartagena to Ayauasca retreats in the jungle… HAWAH has a variety of immersive cultural activities that await your guests.

Shows & Entertainment

Colombia offers a range of shows and entertainment events that celebrate the country’s vibrant culture. The most popular events include Carnaval de Barranquilla, Festival Internacional de la Cultura de Boyacá, Feria de las Flores, Festival de Cine de Cartagena, and Feria de Cali. These events celebrate the arts, music, dance, film, and natural beauty of Colombia. They provide an opportunity for both locals and visitors to immerse themselves in the country’s diverse cultural offerings.

Outdoor & Adventure

Colombia is a place your guests can truly choose their own adventures: Hike through diverse naturescapes that take your breath away. Explore hidden secrets of archeological parks. Ride ATVs or horses through moutain paths. Sail next to humpback whales. Scuba dive in crystal clear waters. 


In addition to Colombia’s world-class medical care, Hawah has the map of dozens of hot springs, meditation sites, fresh air and traditional medicines for the traveler looking for rejuvination.

Price Quotes & Booking

It’s easy to book your guests with us. We prepared a quick pricing estimator for you to see the approximate costs. And yo create a full itinerary, simply book a call with our tour specialist who will be in contact with you and your guests before and during the trip.

Information Resource Guide

The ministry of tourism has prepared a reference guide with all the important information you may require about travel in Colombia. Weather, Immunization, Visa… It’s all here.

Experiences & Dining

Truly Inspired Itineraries

Exclusive Activities With Local Experts

Private tastings, and exclusive access to local experiences 

Accomodations Done Right

Preferred rooms in Colombia’s best hotels, lodges and historic properties

Complete Attention And Service

Private guides and 24/7 assistance with dedicated transportation and driver, including airport pickup and dropoff

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6 Unique Regions

One of the most surprising things about Colombia for foreign visitors is the unchanging nature of its climate all year round. However, this doesn’t mean that the whole country gets the same weather. In fact, the topographical diversity of Colombia provides a huge variety of landscapes, biodiversity and thermal floors.

Pacific Coast

Less visited by tourists, Colombia´s Pacific Coast is definitely an undiscovered gem. This is where tropical forests transform into white beaches and humpback whales pass by during the summer months. Utría National Natural Park explores the region’s high biodiversity, including turtles, birds, armadillos, butterflies and frogs.


A large part of Colombia is tropical rainforest, but the jungle remains to be a largely unexplored area. Travelers can visit Monkey Island to spot squirrel monkeys, and Tarapoto Lake for its river dolphins, among many other wonderful destinations.  The local people of the Amazon communities are happy to share their unique way of live with visitors.

The Coffee Region

In the Andes Mountains, one finds the historically rich cities of Medellin & Bogota. Between these vibrant cities hide many more mountain treasures. Among them is the Coffee Triangle, where you can experience the process of making the world´s top quality coffee. But there is even more to be discovered…

Caribbean Coast

The region´s tropical beaches, warm climate and colonial cities, such as Cartagena with its colorful houses, attract visitors from all over the world. Besides Cartagena, also the beach town of Santa Marta, the exotic islands, Tayrona National Park perfect for trekking and relaxing.

The Plains of Orinoquia

The land of plains, cattle and cowboys, where you can get to know an authentic country lifestyle. This area is filled with wonderful off-the-beaten-path destinations, such as the colorful river of Caño Cristales 

The Islands of San Andres

In this tiny paradise English, Spanish, pirate and buccaneer influences blended with the afro-descendent communities boasting almost forty scuba diving sites, one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, a blue sea that’s also green and even purple.

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